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How Can Google+ Help me With SEO?

How Can Google+ Help me With SEO?

Google Plus is the product of Google so it will always give plus points to you and your SEO.

Google is trying to rank the best, most relevant content higher, therefore it is your responsibility to not only create high-quality content but (for your own sake) to help Google identify your content as high quality.

Presence and quality participation on Google Plus would help you achieve this and get several other benefits of Google Plus.

So.. How Can Google+ Help me With SEO?

1. High Correlation between Google Plus Ones and Search Rank
The quantity and the quality of shares on Google Plus on a particular piece of content were found to have a very high correlation with higher organic search rankings, according to these SEO Ranking Factor Correlation analyses by Search Metrics. One thing that should be understood before evaluating any Correlation analysis is that correlation does not imply causation.


2. Posts with Authorship are recorded to get better search ranks
We have actually seen our clients jump ranks from complete obscurity to Pages 1 and 2 within a matter of weeks after establishing authorship. This can be attributed to the fact that posts with verified authors get better click-through rates.

3. Link Juice
This is one of the most important benefits of Google Plus. Unlike Twitter and other Social Networks out there, the links shared on Google Plus are ‘Do-Follow’, thus giving you a benefit of Rank as well.

After this, we can now conclude some answers to the question “How Can Google+ Help me With SEO?”. And we can say Google+ can help you in many ways and most importantly-with your SEO. If you would be in the hunt to improving your SEO but still don´t use Google+, it might be time to at least give it a shot.

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