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Hiring a Moving Company Vs. Moving Yourself- Which One is Better?

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Shifting to a new place comes with several challenges. Deciding how to move your belongings to your new home is one of them.

Where DIYing gives you the liberty to move your belongings however you want at no cost, hiring a moving company San Jose can eliminate the risk of unwanted injuries and provide insured transportation of your goods. 

But people generally get baffled between the two. Therefore, we decided to simplify things a bit. Stick around until the end of this article if you need a detailed breakdown of both points to ascertain which option is better. 

So, let’s take a look:

Moving yourself or DIYing

1.     You are in control

If you are a person who would not trust anyone with your belongings, then DIYing is your best bet. 

You can choose the type of truck, strategize loading yourself and move according to your convenience. 

Also, you can choose to unpack and reset your belongings according to your will. 

2.     Budget-friendly approach

If you don’t have the monetary backing to hire a mover, then DIYing is the only option you are left with. 

But DIYers do not consider it an implication. They save hundreds of dollars and enjoy the liberty of controlling their items by doing it themselves.

Through DIYing, you can also decide when to move. For example, you can postpone your move if the weather is terrible. But in case of a moving company, professionals will transport your belongings even in bad weather. 

3.     Choose the time

You may want to move only some of your items at a time. In that case, DIYing may be a more economical option than hiring a mover. The reason is that movers believe in carrying everything in one go. 

If you want them to move your belongings in multiple shifts, you may be charged extra. Therefore, moving yourself is a better option than hiring a mover. 

Hiring a Moving Company

1.     No stress at all 

Not having to stress about anything is one of the biggest reasons people choose professional movers over doing it themselves

You won’t have to worry about carrying your couch, lifting your dining table, or removing the dusty carpet. Instead, you can focus on other tasks like buying groceries, helping with your child’s homework, and so on. 

Different from this, if you had decided to move everything yourself, you would have missed out on other vital tasks.

2.     The move will be professional.

Movers have a professional approach toward your belongings. Every item is important to them. 

They will likely arrive at your place promptly and start packing everything with utmost caution. 

They come prepared with the right equipment, workforce, and gear so that the task can be completed quickly. 

Unlike a layperson, they have everything needed to move the goods safely.  

3.     They are insured

Lifting heavy objects is always risky. You may end up with a back injury. Therefore, unwanted hospital bills will take a toll on your pocket. 

 That is why hiring a mover is a safer option for two reasons: 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about injuries and the safety of your belongings. 

To Conclude- Which option is best?

The answer depends upon your priorities. If you prefer convenience over money, safety over liberty, then hiring movers is your best bet. 

However, if you want to participate actively in the process, you can choose to move your belongings yourself.  

In our recommendation, you should play it safe and choose a professional company to do the job instead of risking an injury and compromising your everyday life. 

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