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6 Important Factors to Consider while Choosing Real Estate CRM

CRM is the most important software program for any business, be it a small, medium, or large scale. It is the fact that most businesses have adopted CRM due to its multifaceted qualities with a single-point solution. Open Source CRM software can help you streamline all of the business aspects like sales, retentions, marketing, customer services, and so forth. Besides, it can help you get better insights into the business and find its areas of improvement where you can work and get good results. 

Besides, using a CRM will help you get the stats and analytics of every department, level of the hierarchy, and individual employees. One thing to take into consideration is that not every Open Source CRM is suitable for every business. After all, every business is unique and has some unique needs. 

For a real estate business, the Real Estate CRM has to be equally suitable. Some of the reasons why some real estate companies have failed to integrate effective CRM are its lack of awareness, the considerations to make, and the lack of compatibility of CRMs with some software applications.

Below are some points to consider while choosing a CRM for real estate business.


One of the most important things that matter a lot in today’s era of modernity and simplicity is convenience. Most people prefer convenient and easy to follow interfaces, be it a website or a smartphone app. 

An example worth sharing is Microsoft’s common layout in most of its software programs, be it Windows operating system, MS office, or any other professional commercial software. The standard layout makes it easy for someone to adjust to every new Microsoft software one is exposed to.  

Most real estate business owners get discouraged due to the complexity of most CRMs. 

Along with convenience, a bespoke CRM can help a firm get the right workflow that is appropriate for its needs. Besides, the customization of CRM will also help you add all the required features and remove the unwanted ones. 

One practical way a CRM for a real estate company can prove convenient is by adding some aspects of bringing them on the front of the software. It allows distributing the clients’ orders amongst the correct appraisers considering their deadlines, workload, and qualification. 

2.System flexibility

It is undeniably true that the larger a firm is, the greater its CRM functionality is. This means only small firms have a high utility for makeshift CRMs due to their multiple features. However, firms with more significant needs for individual aspects need more flexible CRMs. 

For firms with a more significant number of employees, the production, logistical, and management-related problems become difficult to handle. They use enterprise CRM solutions. Even firms with as minimal employee strength as 50 opt for such a solution. 

Nevertheless, one of the biggest and the most daunting concerns with the enterprise CRM solutions is that they are exorbitant in price, and they are offered on subscription bases instead of a one-time purchase. The price is worked out depending on the number of users and features; hence, any growth in the number of heads with unique credentials using the software solution will add to the cost. Sometimes it can be a significant one. 

Moreover, the overall costs are inclusive of features that are regarded as extraneous. Sometimes, they are completely useless. A firm, therefore, has to pay for them anyway. 

On the other hand, asking for a bespoke CRM solution will not be a drastically inexpensive deal either. The cost may be high for the customization process due to its specific and time-consuming nature. However, as a firm, you will only pay for the services you use and nothing for unwanted features. 

Another great benefit of a customized CRM’s flexibility is that you don’t have to waste time training your employees. With the simplified workflow, training the employees will not take painstakingly long, otherwise discouraging them and adding cost to you.

3.Integration of all tools

CRM is an integrated solution that will help you with a single point of access to take care of some of the most frequently used tabs and interfaces for handling various aspects of the business. However, customization of the CRM offers even more integration.

There are numerous innovations we can come across daily that offer more and previously unresolved business needs. Things like augmented reality and virtual reality are the most prominent examples of such innovative methods that have been highly accepted in many industries. 

Building Information Modeling is another and more recent example in which the software shows a working model of a building with its finalized construction. It can help a real estate company to integrate models of all of its properties. 

Many pragmatic real estate business persons prefer the integration of the overall software solutions. The CRM, therefore, can be integrated with such innovative tools. It is needless to say that they together can have a lot of practical advantages. 

Another thing that is highly permeating in business solutions is cloud-based services. Most CRMs are innately cloud-based; it is a feature that will help you rest assured that your data is secured. The data is backed up on time on the online servers, and this way, it is secured for once and all. 

Thus, the cloud is an integrated solution for CRM for additional data security.


CRM is the lifeline for modern businesses. It allows you to manage the business and find all the data and stats in a few clicks. Due to its integrated nature, CRM is a one-point solution for business needs. A CRM solution is available in either ready-made or customized options.

The former is a one-size-fits-all option, whereas the latter is designed for the individual business’s needs. Convenience, system flexibility, and integration of all tools are the features you get with a customized CRM. Make sure you adhere by the crucial factors to consider while opting for the right real estate CRM.

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