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Building Companies: The Components for An Effective Company Branding

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Building Companies: The Components for An Effective Company Branding

It is undeniable that building up the brand names of the companies aren’t just as simple as making origami pieces. For the business to be successful, a lot of effort, perseverance, strategy, patience, time, and teamwork is needed. And according to Steve Jobs, the great things in businesses are done and accomplished not by one person but by a team of people. Indeed, a sole person is not enough to make a business work and grow; he or she must have a comrade to help with all the processes and management of the brand.

As such, making the brand known is one of the most important and difficult parts of having a prosperous business. With hundreds of institutions and names in the business and marketing industry, owners and businessmen must compete with each other by having unique plans and strategies that effectively flows on the current trend. These methods generally focus on the field of competition and the needs and emotions of the consumers. If these are executed perfectly, results could be positive making the business step a little higher.

In light of this, businesses and companies commonly focus on certain components for which they base their strategies. And as an overview, below are the general aspects to make company branding efficient.

The purpose

Similarly to every purpose why people wake up and get out of bed every morning, businesses must also have the reason why their company was made. Since things sold in the marketplace differ in a wide variety, these brands must have their defining purpose to separate themselves from the others. For an effective brand strategy and management, companies must first focus on what they can offer to the public and what specifically makes them unique.

For example, the razors produced by Gillette differs from the other brands because their items are specially designed to have a smooth and comfortable shave. Basing on the given circumstance, the brand was able to excel from other companies because they continued to focus on their purpose – to produce a product that would make every shave of the people convenient.

The emotion

One of the most important components to make the brand known is to have advertisements that strike directly to the appropriate emotion the product brings. As such, the companies must show that they share the same connection with their clients and must let them feel that they belong and they are together as one. Since people do have psychological needs to be closely connected to other individuals, businesses can use this to build relationships and foster loyalty.

As an example, the brand Johnson & Johnson has been prospering for over 130 years not just because of their excellent products but also because of their loyal clients. Since the company primarily produces medical devices and pharmaceutical packaged goods, they make advertisements that show how they care and give importance to the health and wellness of their clients. With this strategy, people can comprehend the company’s purpose giving them their trust and loyalty.

The consistency

In branding the company, the advertisements, videos, pictures, and other related circumstances used to enhance the business must all be consistent in informing what the brand is all about. For Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and websites, the brand must be all over the page – this means that all the posts must be connected with the company to avoid confusion of the clients and audiences.

To give the brand a platform to stand on, people, specifically the business owners, must be sure that all of their messages are cohesive. Through time, this consistency will contribute to the recognition of the brand, which would fuel the loyalty of the customers.

One of the best examples of this component is the brand Coca-Cola. Over the years, Coca-Cola has maintained its popularity in almost all the places in the world. This success is the result of the commitment to consistency for which every element used for the marketing of the brand works harmoniously together. Also, one of the factors of this effective marketing is the usage of one common color scheme for which can be seen in all the sites and pages of the company. Thus to avoid perplexity, businesses should have a style guide to encompass things that include the tone of voice to be used in videos and audios, the color scheme, and the appropriate position of the tabs for services and products.

The involvement of employees

As important to the mentioned components, having the employees well versed with the brand, specifically the products and services it sold, would help them participate effectively in marketing. Since these employees are the last resort to make clients buy their products, it is a requirement that they communicate well with the customers and they properly represent the brand.

If the brand markets its product in a bubbly and playful concept through the video and picture advertisements and social media engagements, the employees should then have the same manner when talking to the customers. However, for the safer approach, these employees can use a neutral tone as long as they can answer all the questions regarding their brand and they show respect to their customers. If this is administered perfectly, clients will be assured that the brand can be trusted and would eventually make them buy their products or use their services.


The awareness of the brand is one of the factors needed to make a business successful. For an effective brand strategy and management, owners must be open-minded and aware of all the trends currently happening. Since one can always be double-minded, these people must welcome all the possibilities and changes brought by the altering demands of the public. Just like how today’s famous brands were able to create advertisements in social media since the majority of the audiences are no longer found in front of the televisions. Businesses and companies must embrace modernity without needing to change the main concept of their brand.

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