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Does Roofers Insurance Cover Your Employees?

Unfortunately, no.  That’s the short answer. Roofers Insurance only covers third parties, such as your client or visitors to the worksite. Workers Compensation is required to cover your employees. But this doesn’t mean that Roofers Insurance is a waste of money.

The Value of Roofers Insurance

Before you decide that Roofers Insurance is not the right coverage for your roofing contractor business, let’s take a quick look at what Roofers Insurance does cover.

1.Bodily Injury, such as when a piece of equipment falls down and unfortunately injures a client or any third party member.

2.Personal Injury, resulting from failure to supervise your employees properly which results in substandard work.  Your client may sue you and your professional reputation could be damaged.

3.Medical Payments need to be paid. What happens if someone trips and injures themselves on equipment you have left lying around the worksite?  Roofers’ Insurance will cover the medical bills.

4. Advertising injury seems like a strange one. But if you advertise differences between your company and another roofing company which results in loss of business on their end, they could sue you.

5.Damages to the Property including, for example, leaving supplies on the ground for too long, causing the grass underneath it to die.

The Value of Workers Compensation

With this in mind, let’s look at what Workers Comp is and what it covers.

Workers Compensation will protect you and your employees from financial loss incurred by injury or illness caused when doing the job. This is what you’re looking for, right? The good news is that you can easily add Workers Comp to your insurance program.

3 Good reasons to buy Roofers Insurance anyway

Yes, Roofers Insurance only covers damages to the third party. To cover the medical bills and bodily damage to your employees, you will need to invest in Workers Compensation.

So why is a combination of Roofers Insurance and Workers Comp such a good idea?

  1. Your business could suffer financial loss and criminal penalties if an employee gets injured when working on your project site. Workers Comp coverage will protect you both.
  2. Roofers Insurance will cover your company and your employees when punitive damages (penalties against your business), compensatory damages (financial losses), or, general damages occur, including unfortunate accidents on the project site.
  3. Here’s the kicker: it’s a legal requirement across most states in the U.S. for your business to have liability insurance. You cannot work for any commercial company without it.

The long answer is that Roofers Insurance doesn’t cover your employees. Still not sure of the best insurance program for your business? Contact Contractors Liability on (866) 225-1950 for professional advice.

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