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Does Email Marketing Work?

Does Email Marketing Work?

Simply put, YES it does work.

Stats say that email marketing is still one of the highest performing ROI channels. Higher than social media.

There are a couple of things to be aware of, however:

  1. Make sure you are building a real list. Buying lists is rarely effective.
  2. Build the relationship and trust with your audience, by creating content that ADDS VALUE to your audience.
  3. Don’t always try to SELL SELL SELL! This rarely works. See above.
  4. Make your email list feel special. After all, they took the time to give you their email address, give them something back. Early access, additional value on a product, things like that.
  5. Don’t be boring and simply send out 10% offer codes, people will soon lose.

Email is one of the best marketing channels even today, as mentioned.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Some of the email marketing facts:

  1. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI
  2. At least 35 to 40% of marketers are pang to ditch traditional advertising to start using the internet exclusively.
  3. Up to 42% of marketers are going to be increasing their expenses on automation for their email campaigns.
  4. Over 83% of marketers will be increasing their online marketing budget in 2015.
  5. Around 75% of marketers are quick to agree that email marketing is the most important part of their marketing strategy.

So, Does Email Marketing Work? Well, if done correctly and strategically, email marketing can drive impressive results. Rather than sharing the endless amounts of case studies that prove this, I think it’s more important to talk about how marketers are creating successful email campaigns.udies that prove this, I think it’s more important to talk about how marketers are creating successful email campaigns.

At a high level, there are really two key elements of effective email marketing – automation and personalization.

One of the most important elements of email marketing is to know your customers and be able to tailor information accordingly. And, of course, in order to do this without eating up all of your resources and budgets, marketers need automation.

There is an art to email marketing, and you need to find the right balance of emailing your audience not too much and not too little. It’s also extremely helpful in giving leads a nudge when they are at a particular point in their consideration process

If you’re looking to make email marketing work for you, my advice is to find a software provider that incorporates both of these features (automation and personalization). Then, you can start creating highly personalized content that will engage new and existing customers on an individual level.

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