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How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for Your Small Business

What can be more exciting than starting your small business to do what you are passionate about? It feels like the beginning of a great path to success and reward. However, to give a quick start to your venture and attain new clientele, you need to tell the world about your business in a unique and engaging way. About us page content matters since it provides the first impression about you and your business. Moreover, this page has the potential to convert your visitors into customers, so your choice what to write about is really important.

The words you place on the about us page should be interesting and impactful. If you succeed in writing it, you will likely to attract new customers. In this article, we offer several tips that can help you stand out from the crowd with your about us page.

Present Your Business

Try to describe your business answering the question about what makes it unique. You may need to write about different things before you actually decide what should be placed online. For example, if you have a wonderful story about how you came up with the idea of doing what you do or if it stems from your community involvement and commitments, you should write about this in a concise but engaging way.

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Build a Fact-Based Story

Do not try to make your story beautiful by making things up. The best about us pages are always truthful. You do not need to insert all historical details because it may bore your audience. Do not boast and sound pushy because it will not do any good. The best way is to find a fact that showcases your business’ commitment to making things right and pleasing your customers and describe it straightforwardly.

Excel at Storytelling

We often underestimate the power of words and writing. However, it is the content that drives sales now. In college or school, you can ask someone for help but when it comes to writing about your business, you need to use customwriting sign in order to tell your story with your passion and in your own words. Everyone loves when things get a little bit more personal, and “about us” page is exactly the place where you should shed light on your background while highlighting your strengths.

Build Trust

Do not boast and do not use superlatives. The best about us examples usually tell about what makes your business special in a way that does not disrespect competitors. Provide contact details so that your potential customers or business partners know that your company has a physical address or inform them about the city you are located in. Every piece of information that can tell more about you and your company inspires trust.


Think about Those Whom You Address

Writing, in general, is easier than target writing. Before you sit down to work on your about us page, think about your audience and the pool of your potential customers. Decide on what interests your target audience and what can really boost their desire to proceed with your company. Always have their best interests in mind when writing.

Focus on Your Strengths

New business is always in need of extra cash, resources, or human capital. However, your customers should never know that you need help or seek support. Your about us page should reflect your strengths only, providing an image of success and dedication. Build a strong first impression in a friendly and informative manner.

Avoid Vague Words

Write fewer words but share valuable information. This should be the main rule for you. It is better to use numerical data than describe your success in the narrative form. Give your counterparts and readers specific details that would bring them to think of you as a reliable business partner who is determined to succeed and bring value.

Convert Your Readers into Customers

Your “about us” page should not get boring. It is possible to insert a short video or visual elements to make your visitors want to continue reading it. You can also initiate communication with your customers by adding a subscription option or any other external links that would tell more about you and your business.

“About Us” page is a critical element of your business’ website. You should pay more attention to writing the right things on it that can actually attract customers. People want to know more about the mission and vision behind this business to determine whether they can trust you. They want to know more about the company, people behind the curtains, competitive advantages, and core values. If you manage to include those things into a short story about your establishment and growth, you likely get a whole pool of new customers.


Jeff Blaylock is a freelance researcher and writer who studies the role of content in marketing. He analyzed a large number of different websites to determine the elements that make a business webpage successful. In this article, Jeff shares some insight on the importance of the “About Us” page and its role in communication with the visitors.

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