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7 Ways to Build Your Email Subscriber List

7 Ways to Build Your Email Subscriber List

According to HubSpot, your email list degrades by about 22.5% every year. The email addresses in your list changes, people hop from one job to another or just simply abandon their email for a new one.

This means that you should constantly be working to add new contacts to your email list in order to get better email marketing results.

As a marketer, you should see it as your duty to constantly add new email addresses to your list.

Therefore, we’ll give you some tips and Ways to Build Your Email Subscriber List so you can continue to grow.

1. Prioritize top-quality content

The content you put in your newsletters should be one of your main priorities. Your content should be fun and interesting if you want people to continue to subscribe. If you aren’t providing any of this, people will unsubscribe fro your list quite quickly.

2. Arrange contests

Arrange contests where the rules of entry are simple- sign up to the newsletter. This is one of the most popular ways to get more newsletter subscribers since this tactic has shown to be very effective in doing just that.

3. Offer free content

It should be tempting to joint your email list and therefore, the people signing up have to feel like they are getting something out of it. A great way is to offer something for free for example an e-book in the exchange for their email. If the free product is worth having, you’ll end up with a lot of new sign ups.

4. Have “newsletter subscribers only” deals

Today's deal

There’s not much people love more than to feel special. Make your email list like a VIP service where the subscribers get access to unique discounts, offers and behind the scenes.

Your goal is to have such great deals that you create a high demand of signing up to your newsletter.

5. Collect email addresses at offline events

You might have seen it before on a lot of events that businesses want you to sign up to their newsletter in exchange for a gift etc. You can use this tactic as well! Offer a goodie bag or some other form of gift. The only thing people have to do is sign up to your newsletter. Sounds fair, right?

6. Hold live webinars

Webinars often attract a lot of people if you have anything valuable to learn and this creates a perfect opportunity to collect email addresses. Ask all viewers for their email address and you can be sure to increase your list by quite a few.

7. Have newsletter pop-ups on your website

Make it simple to subscribe to your newsletter. A Minimal amount of text and a big bar for the email address is a great way to make it as easy as possible for future subscribers.

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