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5 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

Being asked to come in for a job interview can be a nerve-wracking process. It is natural to feel a little anxious, but there are several tips you can follow to prepare ahead of time. This way, you will go into the interview confident that you have done everything you can to get the job. 

Research the Company

When you go in for the interview, employers expect you to have done some background research into the company. Often, interviewers will start by asking “what do you know about us?” At this point, it is time for you to impress them by discussing their facilities, latest projects, or community involvement.

Anything that shows that you are genuinely interested and willing to put some work into the process. You should also know at least the basics of what your role at the company will be doing. They will fill you in on more of the specifics during the interview. 

This tip includes asking relevant questions during the interview and try to avoid anything too generic. You should come up with a couple of questions that are directly related to the company or the position so that the interviewer sees your interest. 

Have a Practice Interview

If you are nervous and overthinking things, it may be beneficial for you to have a practice interview beforehand. Ask a friend or family member to take the role of the interviewer and have them run through some common questions and answers with you. Be sure to practice both generic and industry-specific questions that may come up. 

Have your helper take notes, just as a regular interviewer would. After the practice is over, they can tell you what you did well, and what you need to work on. This could include anything from your answers to the way that you speak. Many people tend to speak very quickly when they get nervous, so practice slowing down your words. 

Do a Background Check on Yourself

This tip may sound strange, but it is very beneficial to perform a background check on yourself before going into a job interview. Many employers will ask if they can do a background check on you before they offer you the job. If you know what they will find ahead of time, you can prepare accordingly.

For instance, if you know that they will find something in your past that may be a cause for concern, you can let them know about it during the interview and try to explain yourself. CheckPeople is an online database that is a great resource for you to do a background check on yourself. It pulls information from a variety of different sources so that you have all the facts that you need.  

Read Over Your Resume

It is not a bad idea to take a once-over of your resume. Many people continually update their resumes over the years, but it is easy to forget some of the older skills and experiences that are on there. Go over it again and familiarize yourself with dates and past work history. As well, take the time to brush up on any skills that you feel may have gotten rusty. The interviewer will be reading from your resume, so you want to make sure that you know exactly what is on there, and what you are claiming to be able to do for their organization. 

In addition to this, always print out a copy of your resume and cover letter to bring with you to the interview. This is showing the interviewer that you are organized, prepared, and proactive. They may not have their copy of your resume handy, so it is always a good thing to have with you in case they need it. 

Prepare a Nice Outfit

You will only have one chance to make a good first impression with your interviewer. Take this opportunity to appear professional and well put together. Even if a company has more of a casual dress code, pick an outfit that is more formal than you would normally wear. This could include a suit for men and a blazer and skirt combination for women. 

If you have tattoos or uncommon piercings, consider covering them up for the interview. During the interview, you could discuss these things and see if they have a place at the organization. Often, the interviewer will be happy that you asked first, which will leave a good impression of you in their mind. 

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