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3 Ways Neuroticism Can Be Beneficial When Running An Online Business

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The term neuroticism sometimes has a negative connotation to it due to its associations with anxiety, sensitivity, and similar feelings, but like other personality traits, it has its pros as well as its cons. This article will focus on the advantages of being on the neurotic side and how it can potentially help you be more successful when managing a business online.

What Is Neuroticism?

As mentioned in the introduction, neuroticism is a personality trait that is linked to negative feelings and emotions, like anxiety, sadness, and irritability. In total, there are five personality traits defined in psychological theory – openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and of course, neuroticism.

Of course, there can definitely be an overlap between these traits, but for a lot of people, neuroticism can be the dominant one. Yes, people who lean towards it can be moodier than those who don’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, especially when it comes to trying to create a successful business. As you keep reading, you’ll learn exactly why.

1. Less Risk Taking

Starting a business is a risk in itself; after all, you have to dedicate your time, energy, and finances to it; however, if you consider yourself a bit neurotic, you might be less likely to take risks that could put your company in a difficult situation due to your careful nature and self-control.

2. Increased Drive & Motivation

People who are neurotic usually don’t like to settle for mediocrity and will do whatever they can to ensure that their business is functioning optimally and can stand out from the rest. Sure, it can be incredibly stressful at times, but it can be channeled towards increased motivation, productivity, and making sure their brand is competitive. 

3. More Empathy

Since people who have a neurotic personality can struggle with strong emotions and experience them quite intimately, they may be more likely to try to put themselves in other people’s shoes and try to understand what they might be feeling too. For example, a business owner or employee will do what they can to provide a wonderful experience for their customers or clients and ensure they are satisfied. Neurotic people also tend to be very self-critical, so having positive feedback from others can be a source of relief.

Additional Resources For Neuroticism

Neuroticism can definitely have its place and enhance a person’s life; however, if you feel moody and it’s causing you significant distress in your life, it’s important to find healthy ways of coping and redirecting negative feelings and emotions into ones that are positive and productive.

This can be done by reading more about neuroticism at BetterHelp, where you can find free articles like this one about the topic, as well as related ones, like depression, anxiety, and other personality traits. You’ll also be able to find out how you can reach out to a licensed and professional counselor or therapist who can help you achieve more emotional resilience and better mental health overall.


If you consider yourself neurotic or you show signs of having this personality trait – don’t worry, you can utilize its advantages towards creating a successful business, and hopefully, this article has shown you why it’s relevant. Nonetheless, you should still try to manage neuroticism to the best of your ability so that its downsides don’t reduce your quality of life.

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