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List of Great Places to Eat in Ubud

Balinese restaurant.

Ubud is a place that is famous as the center of art and culture of the Balinese people. This tourist spot is quite in demand by tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Ubud has many art galleries or handicraft shops typical of Balinese culture.

However, it is undeniable that the Ubud area also has many exciting places to eat. The Ubud restaurant is not only able to fill your belly but is also able to spoil the eyes of visitors with various views.

Five Most Delicious Restaurants in Ubud

The many unique places to eat in  restaurant ubud  often makes it hard for visitors to choose. Here are some recommendations for the most delicious places to eat in Ubud with exciting views.

1. Warung Rama

Warung Rama is a restaurant whose main menu is Balinese mixed rice. A survey of tourists concludes that the mixed rice at this restaurant is the best. Not only mixed rice, but Warung Rama also provides several other menus, such as fried rice, soup, capcay, and so on. This dining area is uniquely designed and features a variety of Balinese handicrafts.

2. Kedaton Restaurant

Kedaton restaurant is a place that serves a mixed rice menu. This restaurant offers various side dishes, namely shredded chicken, fried lungs, sweet tempeh, and so on. The price of food in this restaurant is quite affordable, which is around 20,000 IDR per portion. The design of this dining area is quite elegant and classic.

3. Pomegranate Café Ubud

Pomegranate Café Ubud is a place to eat that also offers natural views. The view in question is a vast expanse of rice fields with cool air. The concept of an open dining area with the aim that visitors can enjoy the natural scenery. The price of the food menu in this restaurant is quite affordable. Aside from being a place to eat, Pomegranate Café Ubud is also used for Bali ecotourism because of the concept it made.

4. Warung Bu Rus

The place to eat Warung Bu Rus is already well-known in various circles. Although it provides local food menus, many foreign tourists visit this restaurant.

5. Folk Pool & Garden

This restaurant with garden views and a swimming pool attracts many tourists. This dining area provides many pavilions, even a pavilion directly connects with the collection. The price of this restaurant is quite affordable, with a luxurious feel. The design of the Folk Pool & Garden is quite instagramable.

6. Ubud Village Coffee

Ubud Village Coffeeis a place to eat in the Ubud area, a tourist favorite. Visitors can linger in this restaurant because of the rustic feel it creates. Not only a variety of food menus that can fill you up, but visitors can also enjoy a variety of coffee. So you can hang out in Ubud Village Coffee with colleagues or friends.

Ubud does not only display beautiful tourist attractions but is also rich in culinary delights. Do not hesitate to have your vacation in the Ubud area.

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