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LIfting A Casino Business With Offers and Promotions

In the online casino business, standing out in a growing crowd of thousands is a trickier and trickier prospect as more and more sites start up. It takes a lot more creativity and many new concepts for marketing just to keep up.

One thing that often gets overlooked is just how much casino businesses can learn from other industries, and while as an industry it may have fewer routes to take in some places, there are still plenty of lessons to pick up and examples to take inspiration from.

Added Extras

One of the most unique ways to stand out in the market is to offer carefully chosen extra services on top of your base product. In some cases, just adding size and scale to what you’re offering can do wonders. It’s a formula that has worked well for some of the biggest online casino games like those on Paddy Power, which regularly get bigger by way of adding extras like Megaways to slots or bingo jackpots to standard bingo games.

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The trick is knowing what your customers come to you for, knowing why they chose your casino in the first place and predicting what else they’re going to respond to. Targeting an older audience? Make sure to get licensed slots on your site from retro TV shows or films. Focusing on a female audience more? Competition prizes including things like spa days may go down a lot better than others, or if possible even vacation prizes that are more relaxation focused.

Clever Promotions

Depending on where you are based, your company may have more or less options when it comes to marketing, however even if some avenues are not available to you, taking inspiration from them can still produce great results.

That’s why reading up on non-casino companies with unique promotions is both fascinating and vital for success. Whether it’s LG setting up a pop-up laundromat at a notoriously muddy music festival, or Burger King setting up a silent drive-thru restaurant for the famously low-conversation Finnish people, thoughtful and bespoke promotions like these show a uniqueness to your business.


Obviously, these are significantly trickier to pull off if you aren’t a multinational corporation or have millions in resources behind you, but there are still ways to get creative and still match your core business message. Remember, at the end of the day, the goal here is to be as unique as possible, and whatever you do needs to match your voice. Not everyone can have such a unique approach to communication as the legendary socials of Wendy’s, but as long as your promotions stick to your brand, they can be a huge benefit.

So remember these golden rules for extras and promotions: know your brand, know your audience, and make sure you put a good amount of thought into what you’re offering before you offer it. Follow those, and you should start standing out a lot more and seeing new customers and their deposits following very soon.

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