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Is Your Junk RV a Neighborhood Nightmare? How To Sell and Keep the Peace

Do you have a non-working RV taking up space in your driveway or yard? Maybe one that needs an expensive repair, one that you’re doing your best to scrape up the money to pay for? What may appear to be a project you don’t have the time and money to dump into could look like a hideous eyesore to your neighbors. If they’re giving you the stink eye when you pass on the block, this could be why.

Massachusetts Legalities of Owning a Junk RV

While homeowners may feel that they can do anything (within reason) they want on their residential property, some laws must be followed. Each state, and sometimes municipality, has ordinances regarding the storage of vehicles located inside the grounds of a private residence, and the state of Massachusetts is no different. The state is quite clear about what can be stored on the property of a private residence.

Massachusetts Reg. 5.03 states that the parking or storing of any vehicle that is within the public’s view that is abandoned, unusable, or partly dismantled is strictly prohibited. Many junk RVs could be considered an eyesore, so if yours doesn’t look like a working rig, you could be breaking the law simply by having it on your property and within the view of anyone walking by.

The state of Massachusetts also forbids the parking of a non-commercial RV, camper, or fifth wheel unless it’s within a formal structure like a garage. Carports don’t count since the RV can still be seen by neighbors. The exception to this is if the rig is parked in a private residence’s backyard and is screened in and out of view of the general public.

Only one unregistered vehicle can be stored on residential property as long as it is fully contained within a structure or is located in the property’s backyard and isn’t visible to the public. If you have an unregistered passenger car and an unregistered RV on your property, you are in violation of Massachusetts General Housing Law.

How To Keep the Peace and Sell Your Junk RV

You can quickly mend fences by selling your junk RV for cash in Massachusetts. A specialized junk RV dealer will come directly to you and haul it away while leaving you with cash in hand. Once removed, your neighbors may thank you.

Selling it could ease tensions with unhappy neighbors. It doesn’t make good financial sense to dump money into an RV that’ll cost you more than the rig’s value. But how do you sell something that’s considered junk?

Scrap It to a Junkyard

One option is to haul it to your local junkyard. Junkyards see the value in a junk RV by the scrap metal they can harvest and recycle. They’ll also remove any usable components and offer them for sale to RV owners. While you may not get top dollar, hauling your trailer to a junkyard ensures that all of its parts are either reused or recycled. Please note that not all junkyards accept RVs, so it’s best to inquire before paying to haul your wreck to their yard.

Sell It to a Specialized Dealer

The easiest and most profitable way to dispose of an unwanted junk RV is to sell it to a specialized dealer. Despite years of use, neglect, excessive mileage, and much-needed repairs, specialized junk RV dealers are happy to haul them away. They pay much more than a junkyard and don’t require the issues that come with attempting to find a private buyer who will nickel and dime you on the price.

Donate It to a Charity Organization

For a feel-good way to eliminate an eyesore, consider donating your junk RV to a non-profit organization. There are plenty to choose from, and most will accept RVs in any condition. The added benefit of helping those who are less fortunate is the opportunity to unload your rig while also obtaining a tax write-off. Just be certain to do your research before handing over your junk RV’s title, as some unscrupulous businesses appear to be charities when they’re for-profit enterprises.

Sell Your Junk RV and Keep the Peace: Final Thoughts

Junk RV owners in Massachusetts could be breaking the law and also upsetting their neighbors without even being aware that their eyesore is causing problems. All it takes is for a neighbor to drop and dime, and the owners of a dilapidated trailer could face a stiff penalty.

The solution is to sell your unwanted RV to a specialized junk RV dealer. They’ll haul it away within 24 hours and leave you with more cash than other selling methods would provide. Clean up your property and your neighborhood by contacting a junk RV dealer.

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