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5 Benefits of Testing Your Hormone Levels at Home

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It is every individual’s dream to live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. They try to achieve this by doing yoga, bodybuilding, and abiding by the doctor’s prescriptions for specific medications. The good thing is that you can do this at home as opposed to the ancient days when patients were required to be in hospitals.

Testing and monitoring your health from home is without a doubt a benefit. Homes testing gives the flexibility to collect several samples over a short period. Furthermore, it saves you a trip to the physician’s office. This is definitely a game-changer.

Quite a number of women suffer from hormonal imbalances each day. The great news is that these hormonal imbalances can be corrected naturally through lifestyle modifications combined with targeted supplementation and diet.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of testing your home levels at home.

1. Prevents Wasting Money and Precious Time on Unnecessary Treatments

The self-test is effective and convenient. This is because you can order online, collect samples on your own, and send them to the laboratory with just a click of the mail. In the same manner, you will also receive your results via mail.

In addition, determining hormone levels with a hormone level test kit has been made easily available. This provides you an opportunity to choose your test option from the varying test options available. The beauty is that they are accurate just like any other lab test you’ve come across.

This saves you time since you won’t have to go to the physician’s office for check-ups and appointments.

2. Precisely Diagnose the Cause of Your Hormonal Symptoms

Testing your hormone levels at home is vital because it helps you identify some of its symptoms. Some of the common signs of hormone imbalance include:

• Fatigue. Are you taking care of yourself but still can’t get up? It may be that your hormones are the problem. Some of the most common causes of fatigue are elevated cortisol levels, overproduction of thyroid hormones, low estrogen levels, low progesterone levels, and underproduction of thyroid hormones.

• Difficulty losing weight. Most people seem to work hard, eat well, and work out but still can’t maintain their weight. Among the causes of this are factors such as elevated cortisol levels, estrogen dominance, and overproduction of thyroid hormone.

• Hair loss, thinning, and brittle nails. Normally, the quality of your skin, nail, and hair has a direct relationship with hormone production. Factors such as under and overproduction of thyroid hormones, low estrogen levels, declining progesterone, and elevated androgens can greatly contribute to hair loss, thinning, and brittle nails.

• Acne. The contributing factors to this include high cortisol levels, elevated insulin levels, elevated androgens, and low progesterone hormone.

The list of signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance is extensive. Testing your hormone levels at home greatly helps you in identifying some of these symptoms which gives you an opportunity to seek medication.

3. Allows for a Targeted Treatment Plan

After identifying the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how they affect the well-being of your health, you need to take bold steps and eliminate these life-threatening factors. You can book an appointment with a physician specializing in this field who can help you balance your hormone levels, making sure that there is no under or over-production of any individual hormone.

4. Provide Greater Insights Into Your Health

The beauty of hormone testing is that it gives you valuable insight into your unique hormonal profile. This information is very important because it helps physicians in identifying whether you are under or over-producing any hormone. In addition, it helps in identifying to what extent your hormone levels are related.

5. Identifies Areas of Hormonal Vulnerability Allowing for Preventive Treatment

Identifying and understanding your hormonal behavior is life-changing. Testing your hormone levels paves way for recognizing any potential disorder or how the imbalance may affect your day-to-day life. Doctors will use this information and administer the right medication.

Bottom Line

If you want to live a happy and stress-free lifestyle, conduct hormone testing today and see if you are not at risk. Discussed above are some of the benefits of testing your hormones at home. Order online now and know your hormone level now.

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