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<strong>How to Control Loss at Work With Safety Programs</strong>

How to Control Loss at Work With Safety Programs

Workplace safety programs are an essential part of any business. Not only do they help keep employees safe, but they can also help control losses due to injuries and other workplace accidents. Here are some ways to control losses at work with safety programs. Develop a Written Policy A comprehensive written policy outlining the company’s expectations for workplace safety is essential. This should include guidelines for the proper operation of machinery, the use of protective equipment, and appropriate behavior in the workplace. Employees should be aware of this policy and be able to refer to it when needed. Train employees Regarding control loss and safety programs, all employees should be trained on basic safety procedures and have regular refreshers. This training should...
Surefire Tips To Stay Ahead Of Manufacturing Downtime

Surefire Tips To Stay Ahead Of Manufacturing Downtime

Manufacturing downtime is one of the most daunting concerns for industrial business owners. Even a small disruption can be a nuisance as it may lead to a big waste of time and resources. A major event can hit your profits and hurt your reputation, as you may miss out on product quality and delivery deadlines. The good thing is that manufacturers are not powerless to prevent such incidents. A few simple measures are enough to cut the downtime risks and keep your operations on track. Here are some surefire tips to stay ahead of manufacturing downtime. Set realistic production goals Setting realistic production goals is the key to manufacturing success. It also helps you prevent downtime in your daily process. Ideally, your production goals should include parameters like total outp...