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<strong>10 Steps to Take to Make Your Travel Experience Better</strong>

10 Steps to Take to Make Your Travel Experience Better

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How can you level up your travel experience? You don’t need to upgrade to first class, gain access to the best airport lounges, or stay in the best hotels. Instead, the travelers who have the most memorable experiences follow these steps. 1. Make Lists And Plans When you travel, you have so many things to think about. Many of these things aren’t part of your routine. That makes it so much easier to forget things. So, don’t rely on memory alone. Make lists, add items to your calendar, and set reminders. Start before you leave. Make two packing lists. The first will be for the luggage that you plan to check through. The second should be the items you want to bring in your carry-on. Use it as a checklist. Yes, you should even include things you can’t imagine ever forgetting. ...