Tuesday, June 18

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<strong>Starting Your Own Business: A Guide to Self-Employment</strong>

Starting Your Own Business: A Guide to Self-Employment

Making the decision to go out on your own and become self-employed is an exciting moment. There are many perks to running your own business, including independence and the flexibility to decide your own business hours and days. Simultaneously, there’s so much that you need to consider, from funding to legal structure and insurance. To make your self-employment a success, it’s critical that you understand the proper steps that need to be taken. For that reason, we’ve made this guide to self-employment to help you to get on your feet when starting your own business. Have a business plan Jumping straight into self-employment without a business plan in place isn’t wise so getting an idea of what you want from your business and where you want it to go is a vital first step. Your b...