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<strong>How to Choose the Right Printing Screen</strong>

How to Choose the Right Printing Screen

These days you could print some thing your heart desires. This can be on any cloth, from paper, textiles, and plastic, to wood and fleece. That’s the electricity of the modern display printing enterprise and why many are setting up shop  . What in case you are in a hurry and need a fashionable manual to which meshes to use for your undertaking? We pressure that this is a cheat sheet and is designed as a guide simplest. Use this as steerage, then tweak matters till you are satisfied with the results. 60 – ninety: ideal for glitter / shimmer inks as these debri can’t pass through finer mesh sorts. A hundred and ten: typically used when your layout calls for white plastisol ink (now not perfect for water-based inks). A hundred and sixty: maximum c...