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<strong>What “Leading by Example” Really Means & How to Incorporate It at Work</strong>

What “Leading by Example” Really Means & How to Incorporate It at Work

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There are a lot of buzzwords in business. “Leading by example” is likely one you’ve encountered. Unlike other terms that don’t hold much meaning, leading by example can profoundly impact your organization’s success. Let’s dig into the definition of leading by example and how you can embody it in your leadership style. The Meaning of “Leading By Example” Leading by example refers to showing — rather than telling — people how to act. When someone leads by example, they provide a positive precedent that employees or others can emulate. An executive with a strong work ethic will demonstrate their commitment to their job through their actions. For instance, in this interview with Cyrus Nikou, the entrepreneur says, “I come into the office with the same tenacity, discipline, and...