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<a></a>The Most Important Moving Checklist  “UPDATED FOR 2023!”

The Most Important Moving Checklist  “UPDATED FOR 2023!”

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Whether you plan to hire movers or do it yourself, planning for a move is a lot of effort. Whether you're planning a long-distance or local relocation, this checklist will help you get organized and move as easily as possible. This plan begins early because scheduling early enhances the likelihood of getting the best time. You'll also have more time once moving day approaches to take care of any minor issues that may arise. Beginning sooner also keeps you from being overwhelmed. Here's a sneak glimpse at what's on the checklist… 11 or More Weeks Before Moving 1) Begin by organizing all of your moving paperwork, notes, receipts, inventory lists, contact information, and rental agreements in a binder or large folder. This is referred to as your "moving binder."2) Determine w...