How Do You Use The New Twitter Engage App?

How Do You Use The New Twitter Engage App?

Twitter Engage is a fun and functional companion app for Twitter. The app will help you understand your Twitter audiences better by seeing your data and insights.In this article, we´ll give you the answer to the question “How Do You Use The New Twitter Engage App?”

Download Twitter Engage from the App Store and simply log in with your Twitter login to get started. Remember that the Twitter engage app ONLY IS AVAILABLE IN THE US AND FOR IOS. 

The app is basically a tool designed to help you better interact with your audience and build an even bigger following. The main idea behind the app is that you´ll  learn what your followers like and dislike, what goes viral and what does´t. All this to help you get a better understanding of what your followers like.

Begin by downloading downloading Twitter Engage on iTunes (if you are a person that meets the required criteria, you can do this). The app is free. You start by opening the app and give it permission to connect to your Twitter account. You should see a “Get Started” button at the bottom and might have to log into Twitter. Once all that is done, the app will load its main interface. You’ll see a menu bar along the bottom with three main tabs: Engage, Understand, and Posts.

How Do You Use The New Twitter Engage App


You will also be able to view detailed performance numbers for individual posts. You will see three different sections that’ll let you see stats for your videos, photos and GIFs, and other tweets. Each post will show impressions, engagements, likes, retweets, replies, etc.

Lastly, if you own an account and want to get a better understanding of how i performs-this is the app for you. Wether you have used it or not, we want to hear your thoughts about it. Do you think this app is good or is it making Twitter too “business focused”? Comment below what you think! We also hope you learned what The new Twitter engage app is and how you use it.

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