How Can You Create A Modular Eco-kitchen?

Green Kitchen Design Ideas For A Sustainable House

We all are focusing on adopting eco-friendly measures in our lives to make this world a better place to live. All of us are doing our bits by taking individual steps, so why not our house be a part of this? 

It is true when it is said that a house is not a home without a kitchen. Whether you are a foodie or not, a person can’t stay without a kitchen in their house. It is one of the essential things that is needed for the survival of a person.

Contrary to the popular opinion, remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in our pocket. This is possible only when you know the ongoing prices in the market with respect to the design you have in your mind for the remodeling of your kitchen.

Sustainable housing has gained a lot of praise during these days. It helps in maintaining and saving essential resources and also cuts the household expenditure by almost half. It is like a one-time investment to gain life long healthy results. The best part here is that creating a sustainable home is very easy. It will also cost you a little bit less money as compared to the modern high price designs.

The kitchen is the most important part of a house and it is also that part of your home where most of the natural resources are used on a daily basis. You can start from building an eco-kitchen with updates like sustainable countertops, eco-friendly kitchen products, green kitchen sink, and whatnot.

Sustainability in the kitchen is a must. So here we have picked some of the best eco-friendly, kitchen design ideas for your sustainable house.

Sustainable Walls, Floor, and Cabinets 

The best way to design an eco-kitchen is to start with sustainable interiors. You can use natural products for building walls, tiling, and the cabinet. There are multiple wood options such as bamboo, timber, or oak that are preferred by people. You can even get hundreds of bamboo kitchen designs on the Internet.

If you’re willing to go with timber, make sure it is FSC stamped. You can also use your own creativity to recycle junk items to create a wonderful interior for your kitchen. You can also look for some recycled glass kitchen countertops that add a lot of beauty as well as fit in the criteria of a green kitchen. 

Resin is also a great option for eco-friendly flooring and wall covering. It is made from natural biopolymers that can replicate the look of polished concrete without the huge quantities of water and chemicals needed to produce it. 

Energy Efficient Lighting 

The second step should be the upgraded lighting options. Ditch all the High voltage tube lights and bulbs and replace them with energy-efficient LEDs. It’ll not only save you plenty on the electricity bill but will also cut down the CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases that will indirectly be beneficial for you only.

There are multiple brands available in the market that manufacturers great LEDs in different designs that give a classy look to your eco-kitchen as well as save a lot of energy.

Plastic Free Environment 

Ditching the use of plastic as much as possible can be a healthy step in creating an eco-friendly kitchen. You can use sustainable furniture made out of wood instead of plastic chairs and tables. You can even replace plastic containers with stainless steel or glass containers.

You can find plenty of kitchenware that is made of plastic and can’t be recycled, a better option is to buy sustainable kitchen products to minimize the use of toxic plastic. The important thing to take care of here is that you should not dump all your old plastic equipment as it will create the same issues. Make use of the 3Rs- Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.

Low Energy Consuming Appliances

You can never go wrong with stars and therefore it is always best to buy electrical appliances with a high star rating as they save up a lot on energy consumption and eventually on your electricity bill. Sustainable kitchen appliances such as eco-friendly ovens, refrigerators, geysers, water purifiers, etc. can make a huge contribution to your sustainable interior design.

You can also look for green cooking utensils and green sink ideas to match perfectly with your sustainable kitchen design.

Use Of Green Waste

The best part about an eco-kitchen is that you can use every bit of waste produced from it. You can use the food leftovers such as tea leaves, vegetable peels, and even stale cooked food as compost for your garden.

You can also grow your own herbs in small potted plants, it’ll keep the air clean as well as you’ll never run out of green herbs such as coriander, parsley, mint, thyme, basil, etc. whatever is preferable.

You can also recycle the used water for watering the plants after washing vegetables or fruits. You can design a water storage system to store the used water and use it afterward to water your garden.

Improved Insulation 

Believe it or not but a better and improved insulation design can help in saving a lot of energy. If you’re renovating your place and turning it into a sustainable home, make sure you’re using good material to insulate your walls, floors, windows and even roofing to reduce the amount of heat loss. It’ll look like an unnecessary expense in the beginning but you’ll surely see good results in the long term.


Natural ventilation is very important to replace the toxic indoor air with fresh air from outside. It is an absolute necessity in order to break down carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins released by appliances, ensuring that the combustion process is complete. But if in any case, natural ventilation is not possible, you can install extractor hoods to help with the airflow and improve the air quality.

Budget For Your Sustainable Kitchen

The most important part about any kitchen renovation work is to fix and check the budget. You must set a budget for the whole job before you commit to any designer. This will help you avoid spending a tremendous amount of money on the renovation job. If you fix a budget, you can ask the designer to offer a package or a deal that falls into the limit. You can alternate some materials to stay tight on the budget.

 It is now easy to design your kitchen the way you want. You can have the components and other equipment the way you want. All you need to do is get in touch with an expert kitchen customizing company and watch your imagination turn into reality. 

You can choose the designer that best suits your pocket and also does not compromise with the quality of the products.


Not just the kitchen but every part of your house requires sustainable construction for a life that is easier and happier. It also helps in releasing the stress level of your brain. If you’ve any more interesting tips for an eco-kitchen or for a sustainable house, do let us know in the comments section below. 

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